Arms Reach® FAQs

Who will benefit from its use, and why?

The whole family will benefit from the use of the Arm's Reach® Co-Sleeper® brand bassinet:

  • The baby will be within arm's reach of its mother throughout the night. Being within close proximity of the mother during this time promotes a sense of security for the baby and parent and enhances the bonding process.
  • The mother will be within arm's reach of her baby throughout the night ensuring more sleep and comfort. The recovering mother will not have to get out of bed to attend to her baby's needs. Feeding, changing or simply touching the new baby can take place from the warmth and comfort of the mothers own bed.
  • The father who also shares in the night time disruptions and duties associated with a new baby, will also benefit from the additional convenience and sleep which a Co-Sleeper® brand bassinet provides. The Co-Sleeper® brand bassinet can be put on the fathers side of the bed if so desired but, for the first few months, the baby is mostly dependent on the mother's care giving.
  • Siblings, who may want to climb in bed with their parents do not have to feel left out since baby will be in the Co-Sleeper® brand bassinet and not in the parent's bed.