Arms Reach® FAQs

Why is Co-Sleeping good for breast feeding? Co-Sleeping is beneficial for breast feeding mothers and infants. When the infant is in close proximity to the nursing mother, a simple sound from the baby can cause the mother's milk to flow. Co-Sleeping allows a mother to nurse her infant "upon demand" and according to many physicians this is better for baby and also stimulates the lactation process that results in a strong and normal milk production from the mother. What is bonding and how does Co-Sleeping enhance the human bonding process? Bonding is a natural process that occurs between newborn babies and their parents. The bonding process is naturally strongest between mother and baby in the earliest part of the baby's life for the simple reason that it is the mother who is most often near the baby providing warmth, food and security. It is natural to assume that bonding is enhanced between parent and child when there is increased time spent in close proximity to one another as in Co-Sleeping.