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A Letter from Elizabeth House by Tim Markle


Elizabeth House is a maternity home located in Madison, Wisconsin with focus on community relationships and growth. Elizabeth House provides a safe and nurturing living environment through a caring network of support for women with unplanned pregnancies who are at risk of being homeless.

The house enables the woman to: · carry the infant to term · learn parenting and life skills · facilitate healing and restore hope · prepare for independent living.

Arm's Reach® Concepts Inc. happily provided CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets for ALL 10 BEDS as well as two Original models to be used as playards. We salute the work of these fine community leaders!

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Dear Sharon:

I enjoyed talking with you last week and would like to thank you again for the generous donation of CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets from Arm's Reach® Concepts, Inc. to our maternity home. Since the donation was made in December of 2005, we have been very busy. Our new facility has been home to over 12 women, 3 preschoolers, and 8 infants. We presently have 6 women (one who is pregnant), two preschoolers, and six infants. The CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets have been used by every single new mom.

Although the backgrounds of the women we serve vary, one constant we have seen is the importance of early bonding with their infant. The CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet provides proximity, which makes soothing an infant easier and promotes bonding. Another challenge with our women is to promote breast- feeding. The CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets make breast- feeding a little easier at 2:00 a.m. A third feature that we have found useful is the size and portability of the CO-SLEEPER® brand Mini bassinets. A couple of months ago we had twins born to an 18-year old. There have been a few nights where we have had to roll a mini-sleeper into our apartment and care for one of the twin. It has been wonderful to have a safe, solid, easy to use sleeper to place the infant in. We also have a baby who was born around three month prematurely coming home this week. He will be on a heart rate/ breathing rate monitor. Having him in a CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet next to his nervous, young mom will help her sleep.

You have provided a needed part of the puzzle as we seek to help these women to raise confident, healthy children against the odds. You are helping to break a cycle of dysfunctional parenting and poverty. The only downside to having the CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet is that every woman who has graduated from our program and moved out on her own has wanted to take the CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet with her! Thank you again for your enormous generosity.

Serving Him,
Tim Markle
House Dad
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