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Arm’s Reach® Response to Article Dear Editor:

Thank you for your fine article about our company, Arm's Reach® Concepts, Inc. in your business section Sunday, 31st of Jan. reported and written by Ms. Jenni Mintz.

I would like to offer two points on this article.

1. Our products are tested extensively to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards by independent testing laboratories to all applicable ASTM standards (such as the Bassinet and Play Yard standards, as our products convert to one or both of these modes). While there isn’t an existing ‘bedside sleeper’ standard, we have established a very stringent quality standard ourselves based on our twelve years of experience producing and marketing the products. Our safety record speaks for itself. We are an active member of the ASTM ‘bedside sleeper’ standard-setting committee.
2. With our insistence on high product quality and durability, we believe that the price offered to consumers are reasonable. What is the price of having the convenience and safety of placing your new born next to you at night? My own experience was that I would have paid anything in order to have a peaceful night of sleep during those first few months after bringing babies home from the hospital.

Thanks again for reaching out to inform new parents.


Sharon Forshpan
Arm’s Reach® Concepts, Inc.
Oxnard, California