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The Best Baby Gifts of 2023, Tested

BabyGearLab | April 28, 2023

BabyGearLab is constantly and rigorously testing baby products to find the best, safest, most useful gear for new parents. In their omnibus round-up of the best all-around products, the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue® Co-Sleeper® Bassinet claims the very top spot of Best Overall Bassinet they tested. Well-built and versatile, reviewers love how portable and budget-friendly the Clear-Vue is. And while imitations abound, no one matches Arm’s Reach bedside bassinets’ ability to create a safe sleeping surface that secures flush with your own bed, making nighttime feeding and tending easier and improving sleep for everyone. The side can be lowered at your bedside or raised to create a perfect mobile free-standing bassinet, and the breathable side walls allow you to keep an eye on your little one. Plus, the mattress earns top marks for quality and comfort!

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The Best in Safety and Versatility

Motherhood Community | April 26, 2023

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that newborns sleep in the same room as their parents, but not in the same bed, to reduce the risk of SIDS. As they grow, bassinets can be placed in their own nursery with a monitor. So as Motherhood Community points out, many parents look for bassinets that can do both; moving easily and taking essential supplies with them. They looked at bedside bassinets on the market today to examine how well they accommodate these needs for new parents. It’s no surprise to us, then, that they love the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue® Co-Sleeper® Bassinet. The Clear-Vue attaches securely to your own bed and its side lowers to create a safe and easily-accessible sleeping surface for baby that helps with nighttime feeding and tending. Raise the side, and the Clear-Vue moves easily on four caster wheels, becoming a free-standing bassinet. A large storage basket provides plenty of space for diapers and other necessities, and the wonderfully-cool mattress and breathable mesh walls provide ideal airflow and comfort for sleeping infants. 

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Keeping Baby Safe and Close at Night

Pros to Know | April 25, 2023

Sleep is top of mind for new parents, both sleep safety and worries about getting enough of it. Newborns especially need a lot of nighttime parenting, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants sleep in the same room as their caretakers–but not in the same bed. A good bassinet helps parents keep their baby under six months old safe and close while providing the versatility of something more portable than a crib. And the best bassinets, like the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue® Co-Sleeper®, go a step further. The Clear-Vue allows you to securely fasten the bassinet to your own bed and lower the side, creating a safe sleeping surface for baby that’s easily accessible for nighttime feeding and comforting while you stay in bed. This maximizes everyone’s sleep quality and is particularly helpful for parents recovering from c-sections. When baby’s ready, raise the breathable mesh side and it becomes a free-standing bassinet that moves easily from room to room on its four caster wheels. The reviewers at Pros to Know particularly loved Clear-Vue’s thoughtful touches, like the convenient storage basket below with plentiful room for essentials.

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The Best Bedside Bassinet Reviewed

Orlando Sentinel | April 25, 2023

A bedside bassinet is a particular godsend to new parents with babies who won’t settle right away, or who require frequent nighttime feeding and soothing. A free-standing bassinet allows parents to put baby to bed in their own room as they grow and achieve more sleep independence. As the reviewers at the Orlando Sentinel found, the Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee™ 3-in-1 Co-Sleeper® Bassinet excels in both roles and more. Secured to your own bed with the side lowered, the Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 creates a safe and contained sleep space for your child that is nonetheless easily accessible to you for nighttime feeding and care. Raise the side, and it moves easily as a free-standing bassinet to another space for more independence. What’s more, the Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 functions are a perfect little play yard and travel cot for babies to safely relax and play. The breathable mesh walls afford 360 visibility and plenty of airflow in any mode, and reviewers loved how portable and easy to set up it is. 

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Maximizing Comfort for Newborns

Kidoneo | April 20, 2023

Making sure your baby is comfortable in their bassinet can be tricky for new parents who haven’t learned their newborn’s tastes and preferences yet. Babies should be placed flat on their back equidistant from all their sleep space’s walls. Fresh diapers are a must, and your baby may prefer to be swaddled snugly in a lightweight, breathable fabric. Temperature can play a role; babies need a firm, flat sleeping surface that’s cool, with minimal bedding, but you may want to monitor the room’s temperature to make sure your little one is comfortable. And for babies that want  mopore tending and proximity, a bedside bassinet like the Clear-Vue® Co-Sleeper® Bassinet can be just the ticket to make sure everyone gets the sleep they need. Arm’s Reach bedside bassinets attach securely to your own bed, creating a safe, contained, but easily-accessible sleep space for babies. This makes nighttime feeding and tending much easier, allowing you to pay closer attention to baby without getting up. Raise the side, and the Clear-Vue moves easily from room to room on four caster wheels, complete with its storage basket full of diapers and other essentials. 

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The Best Bassinets for Quality Sleep

Mom Junction | April 6, 2023

In their quest to share with new parents the best bassinets out there, the folks over at Mom Junction fell in love with the beautiful, versatile, quality-made Arm’s Reach Cambria™ Co-Sleeper® Bassinet. “If you are looking for a bassinet with a large sleeping area and a large storage basket, this is it,” their reviewer writes, before outlining why. The biggest draw is its versatility. Lower its mesh wall and securely attach it to your bed to give you easy and safe access to your child’s sleeping surface for nighttime feeding and soothing. Unlock the wheels and raise the side and the Cambria moves easily from room to room as a free-standing bassinet. The large storage basket lets you keep diapers and other baby essentials handy wherever it lives. And of course, the wood frame provides high-quality rigidity and a beautiful aesthetic. 

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An Easy-to-Move Bedside Bassinet for Your Family

Mom Junction | March 16, 2023

Bedside bassinets provide easy access to your baby, allowing you to keep them close, safe, comfy, and warm through the night. But nighttime parenting and habits change over time as your child grows. That’s why a versatile, movable bassinet can be a real lifeline for new parents. And Mom Junction just rated the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® Bassinet as their Best Easy-to-Move bassinet. The ability to move the Clear-Vue on its four caster wheels means that when you want to keep baby close for nighttime feeding (especially recovering from birth), you can roll over and tend to them with minimal sleep disruption. Then as they develop their sleeping habits and need their own sleeping space, the Clear-Vue wheels right out, no problem. Mom Junction also loved the breathability and airflow provided by the Clear-Vue’s mesh sides, as well as the plentiful storage built right into the bassinet. 

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Choosing the Best Bassinet for Your Baby

Lucie’s List | March 13, 2023

If you’re an expecting parent looking for a bassinet for your little bundle, you’ve got a lot of choices. Bedside or free-standing? Small? Large? Do I need a bassinet at all? What you ultimately choose depends on your family and your circumstances, but pediatricians do recommend that infants under 6 months sleep in the same room as parents, in their own sleeping space. With that in mind, Lucie’s List brought attention to the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® Bassinet. This beautiful bassinet gets top marks for its versatility. The Clear-Vue allows new parents to sleep with baby’s surface secured to their own while remaining safely distinct–great for nighttime feeding and tending that’s easier on everyone’s sleep needs. But the Clear-Vue also functions great as a stand-alone bassinet, wheeling easily on four caster wheels when you want to put your child down in another room for sleep. 

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Creating a Safe Sleep Environment

Forbes | March 9, 2023

Bassinets are great for infants you want to keep close by in your room, with a smaller footprint than a crib, or for newborns who may not be ready for a full-size crib yet. The best bassinets simplify things further during those hectic early months of parenthood by allowing for a more seamless bedside placement. And Forbes has named the Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee™ 2 in 1 Co-Sleeper® as the Best Bedside Bassinet they tested. Reviewers loved how absolutely functional and versatile the Mini Ezee 2-in-1 is. Secure it safely to your own bed to create a close but distinct sleep surface for your child–a lifesaver for maximizing your baby’s (and your own) sleep amidst nighttime feeding and tending. Parents love how easily portable it is, moving from room to room on its raved about wheels; and they rave about the amount of storage the venerable little bassinet has. 

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Clear-Vue is Best Overall Bassinet Tested

BabyGearLab | March 8, 2023

In their round-up of the Best Baby Gifts of 2023, BabyGearLab tested a lot of products. When it came to bassinets, one model stood out above all the rest, and they named the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® as the Best Overall Bassinet for its quality and versatility, its breathable airflow design, and the superb mattress that Arm’s Reach includes with it. The Clear-Vue attaches securely to your bed to create a distinct, safe sleeping surface for baby that’s flush with your own, and you can raise the side again to create a fantastic free-standing bassinet. It features four caster wheels, so it’s easy to move from room to room depending on need. And the four mesh walls allow for maximum ventilation for your little one. All these earned it top marks and the Editor’s Choice award from the review site. 

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Nighttime Parenting and Attachment Made Easier

Baby Bassinet World | February 27, 2023

Whether you’re trying attachment parenting, you’re a first-time parent and maybe a bit of a worrier, or you just want to make nighttime feeding and soothing easier, many parents opt for bedside sleepers in the early months of their child’s life. Bedside sleepers make it easy to keep your baby safe and close. The bassinet attaches securely to your own bed, creating a space all their own by your side. Just lean over to tend to baby without either of you needing to get up. A focus on attachment and nighttime bonding is what the reviewers at Baby Bassinet World like so much about the Arm’s Reach Cambria™ Co-Sleeper®. Not simply another bassinet, the Cambria featuring a side that lowers, so when you secure it to your own bed, you don’t have to reach to tend to your little one. Your baby can stay snug on the Cambria’s firm mattress, which also helps them–and you–get back to sleep faster. Then, as they transition to more independent sleep, the Cambria itself transitions easily to free-standing, easy-to-move bassinet mode. 

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Wirecutter (Again!) Names Arm’s Reach a Top Pick

New York Times Wirecutter | February 21, 2023

Wirecutter has been giving the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® their top marks for years, and it’s held continuous top-pick status with these stalwart reviewers since 2017. Their reviewer admitted this spacious and super-functional bassinet is the one she used with her own first child. The Clear-Vue is the culmination of Arm’s Reach’s experience refining bedside sleepers since they popularized the concept in 1997. Attach the Clear-Vue securely to your own bed and lower the side to create a safe space flush between your and baby’s beds. “This gives exhausted parents something similar to the experience of [bed-sharing]—which the AAP advises against, due to suffocation risks—while providing a safe and dedicated sleep space to return the infant to” once nighttime feeding and soothing is complete. The Clear-Vue transitions easily to a free-standing bassinet when you’re ready, moving around on its four caster wheels. Parents weighed in on social media, attesting to the Cambria’s dependability and plentiful storage when Wirecutter solicited real-world recommendations. 

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The Best Breathable Bassinet for Newborns

Sleep Advisor | February 17, 2023

Decisions about sleep can be difficult for new parents. Every family is different, and feeling out nighttime routines sometimes takes time. The versatile Cambria™ Co-Sleeper® from Arm’s Reach can help! The Cambria attaches securely to your bed to create a safe sleeping space for your newborn right there beside your own bed, making nursing and soothing at night easier for both of you–especially for parents recovering from c-sections. Raise the side and roll it on its four caster wheels, and the free-standing bassinet moves easily from room to room. Sleep Advisor gave particular laudits for how breathable the whole Cambria package is. From the four mesh walls that allow air to flow freely and parents to keep an eye on sleeping babies to the firm, supportive mattress, the Cambria keeps newborns safe and cool at night, no matter the sleep routine your family settles into. 

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The Importance of a Good Bedside Sleeper

Mom Loves Best | February 4, 2023

For parents of infants who haven’t settled into a regular sleep pattern, parents recovering from a cesarean-section, and those practicing attachment parenting, a bedside sleeper holds many advantages over a free-standing bassinet. The increased intimacy, more seamless feedings, and easier transitions from soothing back into sleep are all marked benefits of a bedside sleeper. But with so many different approaches and styles, it’s easy to get lost. A versatile, refined design like the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® can make things easier. Its tried-and-tested design attaches securely to your bed and creates a safe and distinct sleeping space for your baby that’s right on the level with you. As your little one transitions to more independent sleep, the Clear-Vue’s side can be raised and you can move it on four caster wheels to be a free-standing bassinet. The versatility and functionality of the Clear-Vue’s design is why Mom Loves Best called it the overall best bedside sleeper that they tested. 

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Finding the Best Bedside Sleeper for Your Infant

Motherhood Community | January 26, 2023

Nighttime parenting can be tough for new parents. Newborns need feeding and tending throughout the night, and parents need all the rest they can get. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies six months and under sleep in the same room but not in the same bed as parents. Bedside sleepers can be a godsend for new parents, providing the proximity and care infants need while making life easier for Mom and Dad. But there are a lot of models out there! When looking for the ideal bedside sleeper for your child, safety, accessibility, and versatility are the name of the game. The Motherhood Community blog points out that ticking all these boxes is what makes the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® so special. Attaching securely to your own bed and creating a surface that’s contained but flush with your mattress, the Clear-Vue features a side panel that lowers to create easy access for nighttime feedings and tending. As baby grows, you can raise the side and create a free-standing bassinet with breathable mesh all around so you can always see them and four caster wheels to move the bassinet when needed. 

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Best Easy-to-Move Bedside Sleeper

Mom Junction | January 20, 2023

Bedside sleepers facilitate easy access and tending to your baby, keeping them comfortable and warm and allowing you better rest as well. But with so many models, how is a prospective parent to pick the best for their little one? This month Mom Junction broke down the state of the field and reviewed bedside sleepers according to safety, versatility, visibility, portability, and ease of cleaning. They absolutely love the easy-to-move Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® Bassinet from Arm’s Reach! It ticks all their boxes–it secures safely to your own bed to create a nice, flush surface for you and baby. Lower the side for bedside mode or raise it to make a free-standing bassinet you can move around easily on four caster wheels. The breathable mesh sides provide great visibility so you can always get eyes on your child while they sleep. It comes with fitted sheets and a mattress perfectly crafted for a newborn’s safe, comfortable sleep. Especially in the early months and for c-section recovery, the Clear-Vue is the perfect companion for nighttime care and feeding. 

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Keep Baby Close with a Bedside Bassinet

BabyList | January 5, 2023

Doctors recommend using a bassinet in the first few months of a newborn’s life. The small size and portability of a bassinet make it easy to keep your baby close to you, whether you’re in the living, kitchen, or bedroom. As BabyList points out, there are further benefits to a bedside sleeper like the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® Bassinet. Calling it “your bed’s side-car,” their reviewer said it was the “BEST thing we bought!” Attaching securely to your own bed, the Clear-Vue allows you to lower one side and create a flush but safely contained sleeping surface for newborns–making nighttime parenting and feeding easy and restful for both parent and child. Simply raise the side and the four caster wheels allow you to move the Clear-Vue as a free-standing bassinet. Plenty of storage space underneath means diapers, wipes, and extra swaddles are never far from reach. 

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Sleep and Feeding Tips for Newborns

Baby Sleep Site | January 4, 2023

Ah, newborns! So cute and loveable they can just break a new parent’s heart. The first few months with your baby are a joyous time. But caring for them, figuring out feeding and sleeping and everything else, can be downright overwhelming! Luckily, the Baby Sleep Site has some helpful tips for new parents. When done safely, swaddling and baby-wearing can help your newborn rest better, if it fits their temperament. Gently but consistently creating routines around sleep can help them–and you–sleep better. And room-sharing at night can ease nighttime parenting and feeding for everyone. Even better, an Arm’s Reach bedside bassinet like the Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® allows you to create a safe and contained sleep surface that’s flush with your own bed. Attaching securely, one side of the bassinet lowers to give ready access to baby so you can feed and tend to them with minimal disruption. For a free-standing bassinet, you simply raise the breathable mesh side and bassinet moves from room to room as needed. 

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The Best Bedside Bassinet for Newborns

Mippen | January 4, 2023

For parents looking for a bassinet that gives them a full view of their baby at all times and the ability to keep them close for nighttime tending and feeding, the Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® from Arm’s Reach is just what the doctor ordered! The folks at Mippin named it their best in class for its ability to create a safe and accessible space for your baby to sleep flush with your own bed, allowing you to sleep side by side for feeding, bonding, and mutual comfort. It attaches securely to your bed, or fold up the breathable mesh side and it becomes a free-standing bassinet you can move from room to room on its four caster wheels. Plenty of storage space underneath means diapers and other supplies are always at the ready, and the excellent included mattress provides your little one with the perfect firm and cool sleep surface. 

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Top Pick of the Year!

NY Times Wirecutter | December 28, 2022

The New York Times’ Wirecutter is one of the most trusted names in reviews. That’s why we’re particularly proud that they named the Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® their very top pick of 2022 for bassinets. Reviewer Caleb Hannan set out to consult a long list of pediatric institutions and well-known infant sleep experts and based on their recommendations, he tested several of the best bassinets during his own daughter’s first months of life. After this rigorous vetting process and experience, he found that the Clear-Vue was the clear winner. He and his wife loved the fold-down side that let them easily access their daughter while everyone remained in bed. They love how versatile it is, it's easy portability, and the large storage basket. And as the review points out, it doesn’t hurt that for its features and quality, the price point is very competitive. 

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C-Section Recovery Must-Have

Proud Happy Mama | December 24, 2022

Cesarean sections have come a long way in recent years, but it would be a mistake to discount what is in fact major abdominal surgery. Parents recovering from c-sections require a good deal of care and recovery time–right when the demands placed on them skyrocket with a new baby! Aids like recovery belts and high-waisted leggings can help a great deal, as can an Arm’s Reach Bassinet. Like all Arm’s Reach bassinets, the Cambria™ Co-Sleeper® is well-trusted by new parents, with secure attachment to your bed so you can create a safe sleeping space for your newborn, feeding and tending to them without getting out of bed. And as Proud Happy Mama points out, the wheeled Cambria can be used as a stand-alone bassinet as your baby matures toward sleeping in their own room. 

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A Gift That Meets New Parents’ Needs

BabyGearLab | December 20, 2022

When searching for a gift for expecting parents, practicality trumps all other considerations. New parents have some extraordinary needs, and they don’t have time to mess around. No one delivers no-nonsense, in-depth, and scientific reviews of baby products like BabyGearLab. So when their experts call the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® the Best Overall Bassinet out there, the wise sit up and take notice. They love how versatile it is, securing to parents’ beds to allow seamless nighttime care and feedings, then transitioning easily to a wheeled stand-alone bassinet as baby grows. The side mesh is beautifully breathable, and the mattress perfectly made for healthy infant sleep. 

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The Best Bedside Bassinet to Keep Newborns Close

Forbes | December 16, 2022

Since newborn babies tend to sleep in disjointed chunks, and since they spend so much of their first weeks and months sleeping before settling into a nighttime routine, versatility is a particular virtue for bassinets. Forbes calls the Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee™ 2 in 1 Co-Sleeper® the Best Bedside Bassinet in their study. The ability to fasten it close as a bedside sleeper is especially useful early on to help with nighttime feedings and birth recovery, and gives both mother and baby an improved sense of well-being. Then, as infants grow, the Mini Ezee’s side can be raised and it can be placed nearby as a stand-alone bassinet. The Mini Ezee’s versatility is also useful for storage and travel, and its side pockets and bottom compartment provide outsized cargo space. 

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Nighttime Feeding Made Easy

Love Our Littles | December 16, 2022

Newborns require loads of nutrition to fuel their development in those crucial early months, and that hunger is irrespective of adult sleeping and waking hours. This, as Love Our Littles points out, is where Arm’s Reach Bassinets can really help. The Ideal Ezee™ 3 in 1 Co-Sleeper® bedside bassinet secures to the side of your bed, creating the perfect space for nighttime feeding and tending of your infant, all without your needing to get out of bed. This provides better sleep quality for both you and your child. As your baby grows toward having their own sleeping space, the versatile Ideal Ezee becomes a free-standing bassinet with four very breathable mesh sides. What’s more, it also converts to a fantastic play yard for your little one, creating a safe daytime space for them to play! 

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Top Recommendation for Bedside Bassinets

Life Plus Kids | December 12, 2022

Our friends down under at the Australian parenting site Life Plus Kids have a really helpful primer for expecting parents on picking out a bassinet and the benefits of bassinets over cribs for newborns, urging parents to think about their circumstances and needs, comparing features and quality across the market. They give their best rating to the Arm’s Reach Cambria™ Co-Sleeper®, shouting out its quality craftsmanship and excellent design–from its four breathable and see-through mesh walls to the adjustable side. Strap the bedside bassinet to your own bed and lower the side, and nighttime feeding and tending to your baby while remaining in bed couldn’t be easier. Raise the side and move the wheeling bassinet to its own space or room to create the perfect free-standing bassinet as you start to adjust your child to more independent sleep. 

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An Easy Choice for Bedside Sleeping

Parenting Pod | December 8, 2022

Whether parents choose to use a bedside sleeper can be a complex choice, with many bassinet options. The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® helps clear up some of the complexity by being so versatile. Reviewers named it the best bedside sleeper they tested, attaching securely to your bed to create a safe sleeping environment for you and your baby. The side also raises to create a perfect free-standing bassinet, and with its compact wheeled design, the bassinet is easy to move about. This is extremely helpful as your baby matures toward more nighttime independence. With fantastic breathability and visibility provided by the four mesh sides, Parenting Pod’s product testers also lauded the fantastic price point for the quality of the Clear-Vue’s build. 

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The Very Best Baby Gifts for Christmas

Thrifty Nifty Mommy | November 30, 2022

Looking for the perfect gift for an expecting parent on your list? ‘Tis the season for Best-of lists, and Thrifty Nifty Mommy has a doozie, presenting their picks for everything from bassinets to play mats. And their bassinet of choice is the Arm’s Reach Versatile™ Co-Sleeper®. This amazing, portable bedside bassinet got top marks for its ease of use and versatility. Adjust the height and position of the Versatile safely beside or even atop your own mattress to create a safe place for your newborn to sleep. Or use it as a stand-alone bassinet–this wheeled, easily-portable bassinet makes babies’ transition to sleeping in their own room easy, and with a space-saving footprint, it gives parents lots of options. 

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Sleep Advisors Love Flexibility for New Parents

Best Pillow Sleepers | November 22, 2022

Making sleeping arrangements for bringing home a newborn means being open to some flexibility. Infants don’t settle into a reliable sleep pattern for some time, and individual babies need different levels of nighttime care. The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® bassinet provides the kind of flexibility new parents can really appreciate. Fold down its side wall and strap it securely to your bed, and this bedside sleeper provides a safe sleeping surface for baby that’s flush with your own. This can ease sleep for parents and infants, allowing easy nighttime soothing and feeding–particularly for mothers recovering from a c-section. For light sleepers, or as baby transitions to a crib, it converts to a free-standing bassinet and the four caster wheels make it easy to move the Clear-Vue from room to room. Four mesh sides keep the nest breathable and give parents 360-degree visibility of their little one. 

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Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® Bassinets: Simply the Best

BabyGearLab | November 22, 2022

BabyGearLab put the 14 top bassinets on the market today through a comprehensive testing process, evaluating them on important factors like breathability, ease of use, eco-health, and overall quality. The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® came out soundly on top, earning Editor’s Choice for its easy accessibility and versatility. The Clear-Vue allows for easy bedside sleeping for your baby, one side folding down and fitting securely flush beside your own bed. But with its four mesh sides, caster wheels, and easy portability, it also makes a fantastic free-standing bassinet so baby can sleep in their own space when they’re ready. This safe, flexible design and attention to detail has made Arm’s Reach bassinets perennial favorites for parents and reviewers alike! 

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Shopping for a New or Expecting Mother?

Thrifty Nifty Mommy | November 14, 2022

The moms of Thrifty Nifty Mommy have been busy building recommendation lists this holiday season, and their reviewers can’t get enough of Arm’s Reach bedside bassinets. Right now, they’re all about the Versatile™ Co-Sleeper®. The Versatile’s innovative design fits all types of beds and allows you to securely attach it to the side of your bed, flush with your mattress–or bring it over to sit atop your mattress. Easily mobile, the Versatile makes a great free-standing bassinet to boot! Four ventilated mesh walls surround the top-notch mattress, giving parents 360-degree visibility. The Versatile Co-Sleeper® bassinet lives up to its name, and you’ll love it as much as TNM does!

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“By Far the Best Choice” for Bedside Bassinets

National Today | November 9, 2022

Reviewers ran the best-selling bedside bassinets through a series of tests to determine which were truly the best for new parents, rating each by the safety and support they provide, size, comfort, and cost-effectiveness–all important considerations when expecting a newborn. Unsurprisingly, the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® earned laudits in all categories, landing it the top spot by a hefty margin. National Today called it “by far” the best choice for parents due to the safety of its design and the versatility it provides. Securing to the side of your bed for easy nighttime soothing and feeding in early weeks, the Clear-Vue™ easily transitions to a free-standing bassinet when you and your baby are ready to become a bit more independent. It’s easy to move from room to room on its caster wheels, and the breathable mesh sides make it easy to peek at your little one while they slumber. 

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Versatility and Storage Are a Parent’s Best Friend

Sleep Advisor | November 7, 2022

More and more parents are opting to put their newborns down in bassinets rather than cribs in those precious early months. Bassinets provide a number of benefits, being smaller and more portable, with smaller nests to open up possibilities in your family’s nighttime routine. The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® earned top marks from reviewers for its versatility and its loads of storage space. The Clear-Vue’s fold–down side and secure attachment lets you position this bedside sleeper nice and close to you, so nighttime feeding and soothing is a breeze. As baby transitions to their own space, it converts to a free-standing bassinet easy to move between rooms. And all that storage space is going to come in handy! The Clear-Vue also makes a perfect diaper changing station. 

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The Best Bedside Bassinet to Keep Your Newborn Safe

Forbes | November 4, 2022

The ability to securely fasten the Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee™ 2 in 1 Co-Sleeper® to your bed and create a safe sleeping space for your baby that’s flush with your own mattress distinguishes it from the other bassinets in Forbes rankings. New parents with fussy sleepers will appreciate being able to sooth and feed their newborn without getting up, creating lasting bonds and getting better sleep! We’ve dedicated a lot of thought and innovation to our bedside bassinets over the years. In addition to converting from bedside to free-standing bassinet as your child grows toward more independence, the Mini Ezee 2 in 1 features plentiful bottom storage and handy side pockets for all your diaper changing needs. Plus it’s portable, and even folds into its carrying case for trips to Grandma’s.

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What to Consider When Buying a Bassinet

Best Reviews | November 1, 2022

New parents have a lot on their mind, and so many choices to make. Your newborn’s nighttime routine is no exception, and requires some flexibility as you and your baby work out a comfortable schedule. When looking for bassinets for your infant, safety is of course the top priority; versatility and storage aren’t too far behind. The Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee™ 2 in 1 Co-Sleeper® Bassinet secures safely to your own bed, creating a safe space for nighttime soothing and feeding that lets you both stay in bed. As you prepare them for their own room, the Mini Ezee 2 in 1 converts into a free-standing bassinet, moving on two caster wheels for easy relocation. With a compact footprint, it also features tons of storage space, and packs into its travel case for easy transport. 

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WonderBaby’s “Best Choice” Bedside Bassinet

WonderBaby | October 31, 2022

Of the wide array of bedside bassinets on the market, WonderBaby sought to help parents find the very best. In a crowded field, the Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee™ 3-in-1 Co-sleeper® distinguished itself to make the top slot. Reviewers love that the versatile Ideal Ezee is not just a bedside sleeper, not just a bassinet, but a portable play yard to boot. This makes things easier for parents and lets them use it longer, providing not just a comfy and secure place for infants to sleep but a safe place for little ones to play. The mesh walls provide ideal airflow and 360-degree visibility, so you can always see your infant. Parents will also love how easy it is to fold up the Ideal Ezee for travel. 

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Arm's Reach on Wonder Baby


BabyGearLab’s Best Baby Gifts of 2022

BabyGearLab | October 28, 2022

No one tests baby products as stringently as the folks over at BabyGearLabs does, and they have been busy, busy, busy, building their end-of-year list. And wouldn’t you know it, the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-sleeper® is this year’s Best Overall Bassinet. BabyGearLab found that the Clear-Vue was a superior and more accessible bedside bassinet than the others tested, and they loved the breathable mesh sides that allow for 360-degree visibility and airflow. Compared to other brands, they also found that the Clear-Vue was easier to move around and navigate, and the mattress was the best they found–with a tight fit to the frame and firm support. It performed so well in their tests, they gave it the Editors’ Choice award!

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Move Loves Best Loves Arm’s Reach Best

Mom Loves Best | October 28, 2022

So many end-of-year round-ups, so many top spots for Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® bassinets! Most recently, Mom Loves Best bestowed the honor on the Clear-Vue™ Co-sleeper®, lauding the safety and security of the Arm’s Reach design. They also loved the mattress and fitted sheet; baby mattresses need to fit just right and feature cool, firm support for infants, and Arm’s Reach puts just as much design and effort into our mattresses as the bedside bassinets themselves. Baby Loves Best called the Clear-Vue the best all-around bassinet in part for its versatility, easy to convert from bedside to free-standing bassinet and easy to move around on its four caster wheels. 

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Convertible, Foldable, Dependable!

Getforbaby | October 28, 2022

Bedside bassinets can be a lifesaver for new parents–especially those recovering from c-sections. But as baby starts transitioning to their own room or sleep space, the ability to move a bedside bassinet to free-standing becomes a huge benefit. As Getforbaby writes in their review this month, the Mini Ezee™ 3-in-1 Co-Sleeper® does this and goes one further–it also converts easily into a portable play yard! Reviewers loved the versatility of the Mini Ezee 3-in-1 as well as the perfect mesh sides that not only improve the bassinet’s breathability, but also provide parents with 360-degree visibility so they can always keep an eye on their infants. The cherry on top is the model’s portability–it easily folds down for transport so your little one can enjoy the benefits of a bassinet or play yard at Grandma’s house. 

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The Benefits of a Bedside Bassinet

Babylist | October 18, 2022

As part of their “Do I Really Need a…?” series, Babylist tackles bassinets in an article that outlines the benefits of bassinets for parents. In the informative rundown, they highlight the need for versatility in bassinets, and in particular the versatile Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee™ 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper®, which accompanies your baby from their newborn days and helps them gently graduate to sleeping in their own room and moving to a larger crib. Perfect for nighttime parenting, feeding, and soothing your newborn, the Mini Ezee 2-in-1 straps securely and safely to your own bed so that your newborn can be at arm’s reach, helping both parent and child get better sleep. Then, as baby grows, it converts to a stand-alone bassinet that can easily be moved to its own space or room. The sturdy, compact design makes it easy to move and accommodate a variety of spaces and layouts, so the Mini Ezee is just right for new parents looking for a safe, versatile sleeping arrangement for their little one. 

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Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper®: Accept No Imitations

Mom Junction | October 13, 2022

Bedside bassinets comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but as Mom Junction’s round-up demonstrates, nothing beats the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® for security, ease-of-access, and versatility. Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper bassinets adjust to the height of your bed and fasten securely in order to create a perfectly-flush sleeping space for your baby. This creates the safest nighttime environment for you and your newborn, keeping them close and minimizing reaching for nighttime feeding and soothing. Not only that, but the Clear-Vue easily converts from a bedside sleeper to a free-standing bassinet, moving on its caster wheels so you can gently wean baby to their own sleeping space as they grow. Plus, it’s got tons of storage space, so it doubles as a diaper changing station.

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Best Non-Toxic Bassinets for Your Infant

Greenchild Magazine | October 12, 2022

When Greenchild set out to review the best bassinets out there that don’t use toxic chemicals in their manufacture, they had plenty to choose from. But the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® distinguished itself from the pack. Arm’s Reach has been innovating and refining their bedside bassinet designs for decades, and the Clear-Vue is representative of this knowledge and experience. Adjustable to fit flush with beds of different heights, the Clear-Vue fastens securely to create a safe, easy-to-access sleeping space for your infant. It also converts easily to a free-standing bassinet to help ease the transition to their own room, moving on four caster wheels. Parents love mesh sides, which help airflow and keep baby in view at all times. And parents love the plentiful storage space for diapers and other necessities!

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Arm's Reach on Green Child


Cambria™ Co-Sleeper® Distinguishes Itself

Mommyhood101 | October 12, 2022

In their round-up of the best baby bassinets of 2022, Mommyhood101 tested big and small, simple and intricate, bedside and free-standing–and among the bedside bassinets they looked at, the Arm’s Reach Cambria™ Co-Sleeper® made a huge splash! Reviewers loved the elegant simplicity of the Cambria, lauding the quality of the mattress and the safety of Arm’s Reach’s patented attachment straps, which allow parents to secure the Cambria to their bed so that both sleeping surfaces sit flush with one another. This sturdy model also earned recognition for the plentiful storage down below, allowing parents to keep diapers and other necessities handy. And as your infant matures, the convertible Cambria becomes a free-standing bassinet, easily movable on its caster wheels so that you can gently wean your little one toward sleeping in their own space. 

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Sleeping Safe and Secure with Your Newborn

Sleep Advisor | October 6, 2022

Your newborn’s sleeping behavior will change over time. During the first few months of life, pediatricians recommend infants sleep in the same room as their parents in a bassinet designed for their size and age. A bedside bassinet like the Arm’s Reach Cambria™ Co-Sleeper® provides a versatile solution to parents’ needs. Easily adjusting and strapping securely to your bed, the Cambria provides a safe environment for easy nighttime feeding and soothing. The mesh sides allow maximum airflow and visibility, and the plentiful storage down below lets you keep diapers and other baby necessities handy. As your child matures and gets ready to sleep in their own room, the Cambria converts easily from bedside sleeper to free-standing bassinet, rolling easily on its lockable caster wheels. Sleep Advisor also loves the mattress that comes with the Cambria–tight-fitting and firm, the Cambria’s mattress is unbeatable for the sleeping safety of newborns. 

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Safe, Secure Sleep with the Mini Ezee™ 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper®

Gentle Nursery | October 2, 2022

One of the most important questions facing new parents is the sleeping arrangements they prepare for their little bundle. Newborn sleep can be tough! For the first six months, it’s best to keep baby in the same room where you sleep in their own bassinet. But it’s also important to gently transition them to their own space as they mature. The folks over at Gentle Nursery considered these needs, as well as the need for breathability, portability, and most of all security, and they absolutely love the Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee™ 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper®. Arm’s Reach’s adjustable height and patented attachment strap and plate allow parents to securely fix the bedside sleeper to their own bed so that both sleeping surfaces sit flush with one another. As your baby matures, the Mini Ezee converts to a stand-alone bassinet, easily movable by Mom or Dad on its caster wheels. With a top-notch firm mattress made of non-toxic fibers and breathable mesh sides, you’ve got a cool, safe space for your little one to snooze. And the Mini Ezee is easy to fold up and pack into its travel bag, so it’s easy to take on visits to Grandma!

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Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper®: The Product of Your Dreams

The Baby Swag | September 12, 2022

Celebrating the arrival of an infant in your home involves a whole host of new products and aids to help you out, and new parents often find that some are more useful than others. With that in mind, the folks over at The Baby Swag tested an array of bedside bassinets. One of the things that set the Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee™ 3-in-1 apart was its sheer versatility and usefulness. The Mini Ezee™ 3-in-1 Co-sleeper® allows parents to sleep safely next to their newborn, making nighttime feeding and tending easier on parents and child alike. It’s also a fantastic stand-alone bassinet and even converts into a playpen. Foldable and easy to set up, you can even bring this portable wonder along for trips to Grandma’s. 

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What’s So Special About Arm’s Reach Co-Sleepers®?

Motherhood Community | September 11, 2022

Arm’s Reach has been making bedside bassinets longer than anyone–heck, they’re the ones who own the trademark to “Co-sleeper®”! But what really makes the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ special, according to the reviewers at Motherhood Community, are all the little details put into the bassinet coming from all that experience. The Clear-Vue secures reliably to your bed, and converts from bedside to free-standing so parents can use it as their baby transitions to their own room. It’s four caster wheels make it extremely portable around the house. And the large attached storage basket makes diaper-changing easier too. That’s why Motherhood Community called the Clear-Vue one of the best bedside bassinets out there.

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Video Review of the “Perfect” Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper®

Toys, Tots, Pets, and More | September 7, 2022

TTPM loved the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® so much that they made this video showcasing its features to their audience. In the video, reviewer Luiza demonstrates the Clear-Vue Co-sleeper’s® secure method of attachment to the side of your bed, and how easy it is to convert from bedside to stand-alone bassinet, with the four caster wheels so you can move it from room to room with no hassle. She calls the Clear-Vue “perfect” for co-sleeping, feeding, and comforting newborns throughout the night, and the review is very helpful in taking prospective parents through the motions of using an Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper® bassinet, and seeing the potential of this sleeping arrangement for their own family, including mesh panels so you can always see baby and the large storage basket underneath that parents will find super-handy at diaper changes.

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The Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

Little Baby Gear | September 6, 2022

The decision to breastfeed is a beautiful one, but committing to waking several times a night to nurse can leave new parents exhausted. Newborns need to nurse often, but an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® bassinet can make nighttime feedings and tending easier on you and your newborn. The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® allows you and baby to stay in bed while you nurse them, and Little Baby Gear points out that this is particularly good for mothers recovering from cesarean delivery. The Clear-Vue is also the perfect bedside bassinet for parents unsure about how their baby will respond to bedside sleeping, or who are looking to easily transition their baby to their own room, as “it feels more like a mix between a crib and a bassinet,” with high mesh walls for visibility, seamlessly transitioning from bedside to stand-alone and moving on its four caster wheels. 

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Transitioning from Bassinet to Crib

The Confused Millennial | September 1, 2022

Using a bedside bassinet has many advantages to new parents, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends using a non-inclined bassinet in the same room as you for about the first six months of your child’s life, until they can roll over and pull themselves up. At that point, a crib with higher walls is more appropriate. One of the reasons TCM calls the Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® the Best Bassinet they reviewed is that it aids this transition. Securely fastening to your bed in early months to aid with nighttime parenting and feeding, the Clear-Vue easily transitions from bedside to stand-alone bassinet, with high mesh walls so you can easily see your baby and four caster wheels to move the sleeper from room to room as they mature to sleeping in their own space. Check out their review for more tips on making this transition easy for you and your little one! 

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August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Mama the Fox | August 9, 2022

The question of breastfeeding vs. formula (or more likely some combination thereof) is a personal choice for families. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks, and many factors will determine which path parents take. For parents who breastfeed, Mama the Fox has some helpful guidance for making the most of the experience. Among their tips for breastfeeding parents is the use of a bedside sleeper bassinet like the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue. Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® Bassinets make nighttime feedings easier on parents and babies alike, keeping them close to you and safe through the night. In addition to making it easier to feed and comfort your baby in the early months of life, the adjustable side and castor wheels add the versatility of using the Clear-Vue as a stand-alone, and the plentiful storage space helps keep supplies like diapers within easy reach.

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Baby’s First Bed: the Best Bassinets for Newborns

Maternity Comfort Solutions | August 7, 2022

Many parents choose the comfort and convenience of a bassinet in the early months of their child’s life. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants sleep in their parents’ bedroom for the first six months, and a bassinet can make that arrangement much easier. Bassinets also aid in nighttime feeding and comforting in a way that preserves both parents and baby’s healthy sleep. The folks over at Maternity Comfort Solutions shout out two Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® Bassinets in particular as the best you can buy. The Cambria Co-Sleeper® Bassinet and the Mini-Ezee 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper® Bassinet attach securely to your bed so your mattress is flush with your infant’s, keeping them close and safe, and the adjustable sides are a particular blessing to mom’s recovering from a c-section. MCS also loves how transparent the breathable mesh sides are, giving parents added visibility, and the ability to graduate from bedside sleeper to stand-alone as your child matures.

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Mini 2 in 1 Bassinet


The Best Baby Co-Sleepers - Unbiased Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

ParentsLists | August 4, 2022
ParentsLists has exhaustively researched the state of the bedside sleeper bassinet market and introduced a helpful buyer’s guide for parents expecting new infants in their homes. The benefits of co-sleeping are many, and the best bedside sleepers maximize safety and ease-of-use while being as versatile and useful for as long as possible. To that end, they recommend the Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper®. The Cambria is sturdy and securely attaches flush to your bedside to create the safest possible sleeping environment for your baby. It converts from bedside to stand-alone as your baby matures toward their transition to a crib (which they should do around 6 months, or when they are able to push themselves up on their hands). And it includes plenty of storage space for diapers, wipes, and anything else you need handy for nighttime parenting.

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The Best Bassinets for Safe Newborn Sleep in Those Early Months

Forbes | June 29, 2022 

Since newborn babies tend to sleep in disjointed chunks, and since they spend so much of their first weeks and months sleeping before settling into a nighttime routine, versatility is a particular virtue for bassinets. Forbes calls the Arm’s Reach Mini 2-in-1 the Best Dual Mode Bassinet in their study. The ability to fasten it close as a co-sleeper is especially useful early on to help with nighttime feedings and birth recovery, and gives both mother and baby an improved sense of well-being. Then, as infants grow, the Mini’s side can be raised and it can be placed nearby as a stand-alone bassinet. The Mini’s versatility is also useful for storage and travel, and its side pockets and bottom compartment provide outsized cargo space. 

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Ways to Get Your Newborn to Sleep in a Bassinet

Mommy’s Block Party | June 21, 2022 

“Sleep is one of the greatest luxuries for new parents,” writes Ondria Witt in the popular Mommy’s Block Party blog, and an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet can be an important part of getting a good night’s sleep - for baby and parent alike. Keeping your baby’s bassinet safely in arm’s reach allows you to rest easier and in-turn with your child’s nighttime well-being, and allows newborns to feel your presence nearby. It makes feedings easier, and helps everybody get back to sleep more quickly following nighttime fussiness. Other useful tips include creating a steady routine that eases your little one toward bedtime; swaddling; and putting them to bed while they’re sleepy, but not quite asleep yet. 

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Choosing the Right Baby Bassinet

Michigan Mama News | July 19, 2022

Pediatricians recommend that babies sleep in the same room as parents, but the American Academy of Pediatrics stresses that they should not sleep in the same bed. Instead a bassinet should be placed in your room so that your baby is close at hand, but has their own sleeping space. Michigan Mama News outlines key factors for choosing a bassinet, including safety certification; portability and convenience; a firm, supportive mattress; and the ability to keep your baby at arm’s reach. Based on these criteria, they recommend Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper® Bassinets in the first few months of life as a parent’s best choice for safety and for keeping your baby right beside you for feeding, tending, and bonding in those critical first months.

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Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper Stands Out in a Crowded Field

Dr. Doug Crosby | July 14, 2022

Since Arm’s Reach pioneered the Co-Sleeper® Bassinet, the market has become inundated with imitations. With such a crowded field, how is a parent to choose? Dr. Doug Crosby lays out his criteria in a new review of the field, testing bedside bassinets according to comfort, traction, warmth, versatility, sensitivity, and durability, and it’s no surprise that the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper® gets top marks. Dr. Crosby draws attention to the safety that comes with Arm’s Reach’s long-term testing and refinement; the maximum visibility provided by the Clear-Vue’s breathable mesh sides; and the versatility of a bassinet that can easily convert from bedside sleeper to stand-alone as you wean your baby toward sleeping in their own room.

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Babylist’s Best Bassinets of 2022

Babylist | July 5, 2022

Bassinets are recommended over cribs for babies in the first five months of life, or until they’re able to push themselves up on their hands or roll over. Bassinets allow babies to be close at hand while the family sleeps, easing nighttime feeding and comforting and helping to give parents peace of mind. Babylist recently surveyed thousands of real families about the bassinets they love (and the ones they don’t), and provided a list of recommendations based on these surveys. Based on the feedback of all these experienced moms and dads, they named the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper® as hands-down the Best Bassinet for Safe Co-Sleeping. Calling it “your bed’s side-car,” parents love the secure way that the Clear-Vue attaches to their bed at night, making it easy to feed and comfort your baby during the night. The versatility of the design, and the ease with which it transitions to stand-alone as a baby matures toward sleeping in a crib, was also a favorite feature. 

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Babylist Best Bassinets


The Best Non-Toxic Bassinets - 2022 Gear Guide

Green Child Magazine | June 16, 2022

Sleep can be unpredictable in the early weeks and months of a baby’s life, and it’s natural to feel a bit exhausted at times. But the right bassinet can help new parents and babies alike get safe, healthy sleep a little easier. Bassinets are recommended for safe infant sleep in the first 4-6 months, until your child starts to push up on their hands and knees. The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper features an innovative design that incorporates their decades of experience making safe, comfortable bedside bassinets, adjusting to the height of your bed and fastening securely to it. The breathable mesh sides allow you to see your baby at any time, whether in bedside or free-standing mode, and the four castor wheels allow you to easily move the bassinet.

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Mom Junction on the Best Baby Co-Sleepers in 2022

Mom Junction | June 9, 2022

Popular mommy blog Mom Junction outlines the benefits of co-sleeper bassinets and names the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper as their Best Easy-to-Move Bassinet of the year. They love its versatility, transforming from co-sleeper to stand-alone bassinet as needed, with four castor wheels that make it easy to move around. The Clear-Vue’s breathable mesh sides provide both exceptional airflow and the ability to see your baby at all times, and Arm’s Reach is ideal for minimizing the disruption of nighttime feedings and fussiness, so both you and your baby can get the best sleep possible. 

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The Best Baby Co-Sleeper Reviews of 2022

Isis Parenting | June 4, 2022

Co-sleeper bassinets are a safer choice for parents with new babies, allowing you to keep your baby right at arm’s reach for nighttime tending and feeding with minimal disruption. Your baby needs your presence, and the Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper is the best way to provide it. Isis Parenting calls the Cambria the “best bassinet sleeper we have reviewed,” and a stand-out option among stand-alone bassinets as well. The versatile Cambria is both robust and secure, with height adjustability and high vented sides that lower to create a flush surface between your mattress and theirs. As your baby develops toward sleeping in their own room, the flexible Cambria converts to stand-alone, giving you the freedom to find the best sleeping arrangement for your own family’s needs. 

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Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper


A New Parent’s Guide to Safe Co-Sleeping with Baby

Elephant Journal | May 31, 2022

Sleep is one of the biggest concerns for new parents. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping newborns in the parents’ bedroom during the first six months to year of life. Room-sharing helps decrease incidents of SIDS and minimize nighttime disturbances, easing feeding and a mother’s recovery from childbirth. An Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet provides the best option in the crucial first months of your baby’s life, allowing you to keep them at arm’s reach for easy tending and feeding, while ensuring them a safe and secure sleeping space of their own. This year Arm’s Reach celebrates 25 years designing safe and secure adjustable co-sleeping bassinets - the most experience in the industry. The secure attachment and adjustable height mean that Arm’s Reach co-sleepers work well with any bed, and they convert easily to stand-alone bassinets as the time nears move your baby to their own rooms. 

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The “Perfectly Crafted Bedside Bassinet” For Your Baby | May 29, 2022

Get For Baby recently went in-depth in reviewing the Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper, which they called “the perfectly crafted bedside bassinet for babies up to 5 months.” The Cambria’s elegant design is the culmination of decades of infant sleep research, creating a bassinet at the pinnacle of safety and versatility. Its sturdy wooden frame and see-through mesh sides ensure it’s a safe, stable bassinet with plenty of airflow, and its height is adjustable to securely attach to beds of any height. Allowing your infant to sleep safely in their own space while remaining at arm’s reach helps minimize nighttime disturbances and makes feeding and tending to your little one easier, giving everyone more peace of mind and a better night’s sleep. Get For Baby also loves how portable the Cambria is and how easy it makes adjusting your little one’s sleep situation. 

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Products the Mamas at Motherly Swear By to Help Baby Sleep

Motherly | April 19, 2022

The folks over at Motherly have logged thousands of collective hours learning what works and what doesn’t when coaxing babies to sleep. To help new parents ease their nighttime parents routine, they’ve assembled a list of their favorite tried-and-true recommendations, from sound machines to bassinets, and in that latter category, the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper tops their list. Calling Arm’s Reach “a game changer,” they write, “Not only does having this bassinet-on-wheels allow your babies to sleep in any room, the storage basket underneath and on the sides helps store all the necessities for those late-night diaper changes.” Securely attached to your bed, the Clear-Vue allows for easy nighttime feedings, soothing, and bonding.

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Experienced Mommy Reviews the Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper

Experienced Mommy | April 18, 2022

Arm’s Reach has been designing and building co-sleeper bassinets for longer than anyone, and they’ve got a wide variety to fit the differing needs of individual families. Experienced Mommy recently went in-depth on the Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper, which they called “hands down” the best. In particular, the reviewer loved the precise and secure adjustment and attachment, so that your baby’s sleeping surface matches up just right with your own bed. This makes things both safer for your infant, and easier for you during nighttime feedings and tending. She appreciated the raisable side, which allows the Cambria to stand alone as your baby develops and moves toward sleeping in their own room. And as a bonus, the Cambria’s wooden frame is not just sturdy but beautiful as well.

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Parenting Nerd Breaks Down the Best Baby Bassinets

Parenting Nerd | April 9, 2022

The Parenting Nerd blog loves the robust and sturdy Arm's Reach Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Co-Sleeper. For a bedside bassinet of such compact stature, the Mini Ezee really helps parents make effective use of the space, with loads of side pockets and cargo space underneath for diapers, bottles, and whatever else you need close at hand. For all that, the Mini Ezee is incredibly portable and, made by the folks who pioneered co-sleeper bassinets to begin with, it provides a safe and secure co-sleeping space that is flush with your own bed’s mattress so nighttime comforting and feeding is seamless. 

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How to Choose a CPSC-Certified Bedside Bassinet for Your Baby
verywellfamily | March 23, 2022

Arm's Reach offers several Co-Sleeper Bassinet products, all of which pull up to the side of the parent's bed to provide a separate sleep environment for your baby within arm's reach of yours. Most of the products include features like extra storage and a sidewall that can be lowered when attached bedside and raised when used as a free-standing bassinet.
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Mother’s Day Gifts That Are as Unique and Thoughtful asYour Mom
Medium | March 17, 2022

Your mom deserves to be showered with love 24/7, 365. But when Mother’s Day comes around, it’s the time to go all-out with festive meals, fun family activities and gifts galore. That being said, it may feel next-to-impossible to find a gift for your mom that fully expresses just how much she means to you as her daughter, son, husband or another member of her family. Need some pointers?
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Considering Co-Sleeping? The Mom Loves Best Guide to the Best Co-Sleepers of 2022

Mom Loves Best | May 15, 2022

Many parents opt to keep their newborns in the same room as them for the early months of life, a choice that is in line with American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Room-sharing should be distinguished from bed-sharing, however, which can be unsafe. A co-sleeper bassinet like Arm’s Reach is your best choice to create a safe room-sharing sleep environment for your family. Co-sleeper bassinets should be well-ventilated, be absolutely secure and fit flush with your bed, adjusting to your own bed’s height. For best results, Mom Loves Best recommends one whose side can be raised to a stand-alone position to provide an easy transition from co-sleeping toward putting baby to sleep in their own room. The Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper ticks all these boxes and more, and Mom Loves Best puts it at the absolute top of their list of Best Co-Sleepers of 2022.

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Best Bassinets: Arm's Reach Concepts


The Best Co-Sleepers and Bedside Bassinets of 2022

Experienced Mommy | May 13, 2022

For parents with a new baby, establishing a good sleeping routine is an exciting - and sometimes difficult - process. All babies are unique, and infant sleep is different from adult sleep. Infants both require more sleep and wake more during the night than adults do. So for these important early months of bonding and nighttime parenting, many parents opt for bedside bassinets. Experienced Mommy has prepared a round-up of the best bedside bassinets, and it’s no surprise that they love the Arm's Reach Mini Ezee 2-in-1. With precise height adjustability, a side that easily raises and lowers, and four castor wheels for easy movement, this is an excellent choice for creating a safe and stable co-sleeping space for your newborn, so you can tend to their needs and feed them in the night with minimal disruption and maximum bonding.

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7 of the best bassinets to keep baby safe and comfortable
Livingsec | March 4, 2022

Finding the best bassinet for your newborn is tricky because it needs to be sturdy, safe, and comfortable, without ruining the aesthetic of your meticulously designed bedroom. Bassinets allow you to keep your baby close by and easily pick them up as you groggily reach for them when it's time for the middle of the night feed. The beauty of them is that they take up much less space than a full-sized crib, so a bassinet that feels like a hindrance in your room defeats the point.
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A New Parents Guide to Safe Co-Sleeping with Baby

Live for Family | April 29, 2022

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping a newborn in the parents’ bedroom for the first six months, up to one year. This makes it easier for new parents to keep tabs on their little one and tend to their needs, like feeding, with minimal disruption in their sleep cycle, and decreases incidents of SIDS. A co-sleeper bassinet like those developed by Arm's Reach Concepts is an ideal choice, with a drop-down side, adjustable height, and firm attachment to create a safe and secure bedside space for your infant to sleep at arm’s reach so you can rest assured and continue to form those all-important bonds.

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The Best Bassinets of 2022: Mommyhood 101

Mommyhood101 | March 13, 2022

Babies sleep a lot, but their sleep patterns don’t always line up with the way adults tend to sleep. Although babies tend to spend 16 hours of each day asleep, you’re very unlikely to get eight uninterrupted hours of sleep during the night. Mommyhood 101 points out that the best bassinets will help you squeeze out every last minute of sleep by ensuring your baby is safe, comfortable, and nearby. Your best bet for a co-sleeper bassinet, which attaches securely to your own bed to create a safe space at arm’s length for your baby, is the Arm's Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper. With well-ventilated mesh sides, easy adjustability, and tons of storage space, the Cambria “provides some serious capability in a simple, sturdy, reliable, safe, and convenient package!”

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How Nighttime Parenting Helps Babies and Parents Get More Rest

A Nation of Moms | March 8, 2022

“Nighttime parenting” doesn’t just mean getting your baby to sleep; it’s a phrase first coined by pediatrician William Sears to describe the unique and individualized style of interaction and routine that helps babies and their parents sleep better. Babies have different sleep needs and sleeping patterns than their parents, and creating an environment that helps induce and encourage your baby’s sleep is good for their development and well-being. Bedside bassinets like Arm's Reach Co-Sleepers have long been held up as an excellent option for developing good nighttime parenting routines. Creating a safe, secure space alongside your own bed for your infant to sleep eases nighttime feeding and fussing, while allowing you to keep tabs on and bond with them in those crucial early months.

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Mommin’ With Michelle Showcases Her Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper

Instagram | February 23, 2022

Popular Mommy Blogger Michelle Strawberry posted images to her Instagram account of her adorable baby Messiah tucked in secure beside her bed in his Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee 3 in 1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet and sang the praises of being able to check on him at a moment’s notice throughout the night. 

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Nighttime Parenting and the Importance of Sleep | February 22, 2022

Host Eric Michaels interviewed Dr. William Sears on the February 22, episode of eHealth Radio Network podcast. “Doctor Bill,” the author of dozens of books including the popular The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two, has been advising parents on how to raise healthier families for over 50 years. In the interview, Dr. Sears says that many of the top questions he gets from parents in his pediatric practice regard sleep and worries that arise when a baby won’t sleep in their bassinet, and the two discuss “nighttime parenting,” the bad advice of letting babies “cry it out,” and Three S’s of co-sleeping - safety, security, and science and the benefits of co-sleeping with an Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper bassinet

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BabyGearLab Names Arm’s Reach as Best Overall Bassinet of 2022

BabyGearLab  | February 19, 2022

In their annual round-up of bassinets, the dedicated baby product reviewers at BabyGearLab named the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper Bassinet the best overall bassinet and bestowed it with their Editor’s Choice award. In reviewing 14 of the most popular and highly-rated bassinets on the market, they put each one through a comprehensive battery of tests, rigorously evaluating each one for safety, breathability, sleep surface quality, ease of use, and eco-health to arrive at their results. Out of all of them, the Clear-Vue came out on top, with reviewers in particular lauding its portability, accessibility, and value. 

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How Room-Sharing Affects Your Baby’s Sleep

The Baby Sleep Site | February 10, 2022

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to your family’s sleep arrangements, the Baby Sleep Site recently explored some of the benefits and cautions of room-sharing with your infant. They stressed that room-sharing and bed-sharing are not the same thing, and that bed-sharing has some inherent risks. Room-sharing, on the other hand, has several benefits that new parents may want to embrace. It’s breast-feeding friendly (especially when you employ a secure Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper); you can monitor your baby easily in the night, reducing the risk of SIDS; and nighttime fussiness is quickly resolved so that both you and your baby can sleep more soundly. 

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Parents Magazine Names Arm’s Reach Best Bassinet of 2022

Parents | February 2, 2022

In order to develop their Best Baby Gear list for the year, surveyed hundreds of parents about their favorite products and had families test drive new models. The result of all this work is an exhaustive list of crucial gear you’ll want to add to your registry. Everything from strollers and car seats to diapers, sippy cups, and bottle drying racks was evaluated to make this helpful real-world guide, and it’s no surprise that the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper took the top spot for bassinets. Parents love its versatility, easy-access, and bountiful storage in particular.

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Newborn Safe Sleep Tips From Top Baby Experts
Beautiful Moms | January 24, 2022

New parents are overjoyed when their baby finally falls asleep. It’s a beautiful thing to watch a newborn sleep peacefully. But then the new-parent paranoia kicks in and, especially in the beginning, there is the constant checking to make sure the baby is still breathing. While it might seem a bit over the top, it’s not an entirely unreasonable concern.
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Best Bedside Sleepers of 2022
Babylist | January 7, 2022

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ safe sleep guidelines recommend room sharing—keeping your baby’s sleep area in the same room where you sleep—for the first six months of your little one’s life, and ideally up to a year. A bedside sleeper is a safe way to give your little one their own sleep space while also keeping them close by and having easy access to them when they need comforting or when it’s time for a feeding or diaper change.
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Keep Your Baby Close with a Practical and Helpful Bedside Bassinet
Truely Momma | December, 14 2021

As soon as you bring your baby home from the hospital, you’ll probably want to keep them as close as possible to you, day and night. And while leading health organizations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), do not recommend co-sleeping, what they do recommend is sharing a room with your baby.
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