Introducing the Mini Au Naturel Mattress

Mini Au Naturel Mattress
+Mini Au Naturel Mattress


If you are looking for the Ideal mattress to go with your Ideal Co-Sleeper® look no further. The comfort factor is great, but nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with the Arm's Reach® Nature Perfect Naturals. These mattresses are made with: wool, organic cotton, natural latex and untreated birch plywood. The plywood is pocketed inside the mattress with natural fabric.  The glue used in the birch plywood is Carb II certified. 

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Full Details

Measures: 31.75" x 18.75" x 1.4"

This will fit all Co-Sleeper® bedside bassinets that are are mini sized

Mini Au Naturel Mattress

  • Mini Mattress (with detached support board) MUST be used with a fitted sheet
  • Our products are hand-crafted using organic cotton and natural wool  
  • Birch Plywood with CARB II Certified Glue

Will fit models:

  • Mini 
  • Mini Classic 
  • Mini Convertible 
  • Euro Mini  
  • Curved Mini 

Material Contents:


  • Natural Latex 
  • Natural Wool 

Outer covering 

  • Organic Cotton 
 Weight:   7 lbs w/ box          5 lbs w/o box

Care Instructions: 

  • Spot clean only 
  • Air Dry 
  • Do not sun dry 


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