Introducing the Sleigh Co-Sleeper® Organic Sheets

Sleigh Co-Sleeper® Organic Sheets
+Sleigh Co-Sleeper® Organic Sheets


The Sleigh Co-Sleeper® 100% Organic Cotton Sheets are part of our fabulous organic line. If you are looking for a sheet that is: made up of natural materials, and soft to the touch, then this is the sheet for you. That is, or course, if you have a Sleigh Co-Sleeper®. If not, then check our accessories page for the 100% organic cotton sheet that fits your Co-Sleeper®. 

Un-dyed, natural color.

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Sleigh Co-Sleeper® Cotton Sheets

Sleigh Co-Sleeper® Cotton Sheets
Sleigh size Co-Sleeper® Bassinet fitted sheets. Please Note: Sheets for the Co-Sleeper® brand Sleigh Bed only come in white. Sheet Size: 21.75" x 31.5". $21.00

Full Details

Measures: 31.5" x 21.75"

**Returns/Exchanges will only be accepted on un-opened sheets, please be sure to order the correct sheet for your model**


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