Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper 3-in-1

'Every Little Story' reviews the Mini 3-in-1

Katie from the blog Every Little Story has Moxie -- baby Moxie, that is. She and her adorable little girl tried out the Mini 3-in-1.  Read what they thought about it on her blog.  Here's a little bit of what she had to say:

"My favorite thing about it was the size. It’s smaller, in comparison, to other infant bed options. We used a cradle for our other two, which Moxie with upgrade too at some point when she outgrows theArm’s Reach MINI EZEE™ 3 IN 1 CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet, but it is so large for a newborn baby. This is nice and small and to me, more comforting to a small baby. I always felt like other sleepers we used with our other two were so large, open and cold. You can also remove the upper mattress support and use it as a play yard, which will get tons of use this summer for us! It’s been great with the older two as well because it’s the perfect height for them to have safe access to the baby and greet her every morning, which they love to do! They can talk to her and touch her at their own height, but also have the baby protected  by the mesh sidewalls."

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I bought my daughter a co sleeper for her first baby! What an amazing product! It was soo easy to have the baby close to her at night to breastfeed! I wish that they made these years ago when my babies were born!


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