Choosing the Right Sleeper


At Arm’s Reach we make co-sleeper bassinets for beds of all shapes and sizes.  We want to help you be sure you choose the version that is right for you.

Here are some things to consider:

#1 – What type of bed do you have?

For Platform beds with a frame that sticks out -  The VERSATILE will work for you.         

For any bed with frame that sticks out -  if the bassinet will not be able to be flush with mattress - The VERSATILE will work for you.         

For traditional style beds:

First step- Measure your bed from the floor to the top of your mattress.

High Beds – for all adult beds that are over 24” high, choose a  Versatile, Mini, Ideal, Clear-Vue or Cambria co-sleeper 

Leg Extensions kits can be purchased for the Mini and Ideal for adult beds that are over 24” high.   Cambria and Clear-Vue sleepers have built in leg extensions.

LOW BEDS -  All of our baby bassinets can work with beds starting at 22” high.

VERY LOW BED - for a bed lower than 24” and at least 16” high - choose the VERSATILE


#2 You have Limited Space –  Try the MINI 


#3 Looking for a play yard – The 3 in 1 sleepers convert to a play yard, allowing for longer use of the product.


#4 You want something Portable – The IDEAL and the MINI Type of Sleepers will be best for you


#5 You want a more traditional Co-sleeper – The CLEAR-VUE or CAMBRIA are your best bet


Please be sure you always use the strap and plate when using your Co-sleeper  as a bedside sleeper.   For any additional questions about choosing the right product, please email us at