Retired Products

We continue to sell parts and accessories for many of our retired products.

If you are not sure which product you have, please consult the manufacturer’s sticker located on the leg of your co-sleeper. 

To tell which unit you have, look at the 4 digit style number.

Does the 4 digit style number on the manufacturers sticker (located on the leg) start with any of the numbers below?

If it starts with 41**, it is a Mini 

If it starts with 51** it is a Mini Curved

If it starts with 81**  it is an Original

If it starts with 82**  it is a Sleigh


If you need to order some replacement parts, please call our customer service line and have your model# and manufacture date handy.

Customer service hours are 800-954-9353 7am - 4pm PST


Before using any of our old products, please make sure you have all of the parts.

You will need a liner, hanging bar set, mattress, sheet and strap & plate 


Please see below for links to some of our retired products.  If you do not fine the instructions you need below, please call us at our customer service number or email us at



Online Tutorials

These tutorials offer step-by-step instructions on setting up and breaking down your Co-Sleeper® brand purchase! 


Downloadable Assembly Instructions (pdf)

  • Cocoon® Download
  • Co-Sleeper® brand Harmony Download
  • Co-Sleeper® brand Little Palace Download
  • Co-Sleeper® brand Mini, Euro Arc Download
  • Co-Sleeper® brand Original, Mini Convertible, Ideal & Mini Arc Convertible Download
  • Co-Sleeper® brand Sleigh Download
  • Co-Sleeper® brand Arc Leg Extensions Download