Getting Ready for Baby Safety Month: Understanding Safe Sleep Basics

Getting Ready for Baby Safety Month: Understanding Safe Sleep Basics


When getting ready for Baby Safety Month, safe sleep is at the top of the list at Arm’s Reach. Safe sleeping conditions are paramount for babies, especially given that SIDS remains the leading cause of death among infants from one month to one year old.

Let's revisit the best practices to keep infants safe:

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends in their guidelines for safe sleep:

  1. Commit to Prenatal Care: Early and regular prenatal visits can pave the way for healthy infants and decreased SIDS risk.


  1. Prioritize Firm Sleep Surfaces: Always ensure your baby is on a flat, firm mattress. Avoid pillows, waterbeds, couches, or any other soft surfaces that pose suffocation risks.

  1. Simplify the Bedding: A fitted sheet should be the only addition to the mattress. Remove all soft objects, toys, and loose bedding to keep the sleep area clear.

  1. Skip the Bumper Pads: These can lead to suffocation or strangulation. They're not worth the risk.

  1. Promote Room-Sharing: Have infants sleep in the same room as the parents but on a separate, distinct surface. This practice should continue until at least their first birthday or, crucially, for the initial six months when SIDS risk peaks. The Arm's Reach® Co-Sleeper® bassinets are a great solution!

The six models in the Arm’s Reach® Co-Sleeper® series feature unique designs that cater to various situations and preferences:

  • Clear-Vue® Co-Sleeper® was conceived to allow maximum visibility.
  • Mini Ezee™ 2 in 1 comes with more ventilation for even better breathability. It is easy to assemble and is portable.
  • Cambria Co-Sleeper® bedside bassinet is all about beautiful design and features curved wooden ends. 
  • Mini Ezee™ 3 in 1 is ideal for small spaces, and has three modes to use as your baby grows: bedside sleeper, free-standing bassinet, and play yard. It's easy to assemble and portable.
  • Ideal Ezee™ 3 in 1 CO-SLEEPER®Bassinet has three modes to use as your baby grows: Bedside Sleeper, Free-standing bassinet and Play Yard.
  • Versatile™ fits all types of beds and is ideal for small spaces. 

  1. Breastfeeding Benefits: If feasible, exclusively breastfeed. This has proven to notably decrease the risk of SIDS.

  1. Consider a Pacifier: Offer it at sleep times, but let your baby decide. If breastfeeding, ensure the practice is well established first.

  1. Monitor Baby's Temperature: Dress the baby aptly for room temperature, ensuring they aren't overheated. Regularly check for signs such as sweating or the baby feeling overly warm.

  1. Steer Clear of Smoke: Both during pregnancy and post-birth, avoid smoking. Secondhand smoke also intensifies SIDS risk, especially in shared sleeping environments.

  1. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs: Particularly post-birth, parents under the influence should never share a bed with their baby.

  1. Opt for Approved Sleep Products: Use only those products intended for infant sleep. Popular items like car seats, feeding pillows, or loungers aren’t suitable for regular sleep.

  1. Avoid Weighted Sleep Items: Steer clear of weighted blankets, swaddles, or sleepers when putting your baby to bed.

  1. Stick with Credible Products: Ensure all your sleep-related products, including the Arm's Reach Bassinet, are approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and align with federal safety standards.
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