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Newborn Photography - Pro Tip!

Rachel Cope is a children's photographer and brand-new mom located in the Bay Area of San Francisco -- Who better to ask for some helpful hints about getting the best newborn photos?  Many of us don't have access to a professional photographer, but that's no reason we can't get great photos ourselves.  Check out what Rachel has to say below:
It's becoming harder and harder to feel safe about booking a photographer, and that's not fun for anyone! But babies are still joining our families, and they deserve the best photos. Thank goodness for amazing phone camera! Here are a few tips to remember when taking photos of your new babies.

  • Window light! It's all about great lighting. Turn off all the lights in the house and scooch that baby as close to the window as she can get. Diffused light from the sun will give your photos the most natural colors and will help your baby look her best.
  • Take photos while your little bundle is asleep. Phone cameras do a great job, but motion blur is hard to control, especially with portrait mode.
  • Speaking of portrait mode, USE IT. It really does a great job. But take some without portrait mode also.
  • Outfits! Dress your baby while she's awake, of course. Then let her fall asleep all dressed for the shoot. I love colorful outfits, but try neutrals too.
  • Instagram's editing tool lets you boost contrast, adjust the exposure, and do some other basic edits that take your photos up the next level. If you're ready for some more intense edits, try the Lightroom app!


If you happen to be in the SF Bay Area and are looking to get some family shots done, check out Rachel here on Instagram.

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