Sassy Brunette Fitness Shares Her Bedtime Routine

Sassy Brunette Fitness Shares Her Bedtime Routine

Our friend Kelsey Willey from Sassy Brunette Fitness recently posted about her Arm's Reach Tot Pocket ™ and 3-in-1 Co-Sleeper® bassinet.  She also talked about creating a bed time routine from the very first days when her son arrived, and we thought it seemed helpful!  Check out Kelsey's tips below.

Sassy Brunette fitness & Arm's Reach Co-sleepers
I created a bedtime routine pretty much from the get go. While it wasn’t as structured in the beginning (newborns have a mind of their own 😅), our little routine has become the norm the past few weeks. It looks like this:

1. Go upstairs, change diaper & into his pjs.

2. Keep room dimly lit. I just use the bathroom light.

3. Feed him while reading to him.

4. Snuggle a few minutes & say goodnight.

5. Put him in his bassinet.

6. Turn on the sound machine/night light.
Normally he’s asleep within 30 minutes or so! But, when he does fuss, I let him just get it out. This has really helped him learn to put himself to sleep & not rely on me.
During night feedings I also keep the room dimly lit & try not to stimulate him (ie no tv, singing, etc).
Obviously every baby is different, but these few simple steps have really helped us!
I’ve also gotten a lot of questions about what Brayden sleeps in. We started him out in the Arms Reach TotPocket. The little nest provided a womb-like environment for him & as a new mom, having him that close to me in bed relieved SO much anxiety.
We then moved him to the Arms Reach 3-in-1 Co-Sleeper! I use it as a free standing bassinet & absolutely love it!
This sleeper has three modes so it will actually grow with Brayden! It has a Bedside Sleeper, Free Standing Bassinet & a Play Yard!
It comes with everything you need to get started - sheet, mattress, carrying case & strap & plate to connect to the parent bed.

arm's reach ideal 3-in-1 bassinet and play yard

How about you guys? Do you have a night time routine? Did you begin it this early? We would love to hear if it worked for you!

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