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It's that time again.

We have asked Children's Sleep consultant, Rebecca Michi to chat with us this week about Safe Sleep and what to remember when planning for baby to arrive.  She gave us some great refreshers about what to do, and what not to do when it comes to nap and bedtime.   If you haven't read her column before, Rebecca is a British Children's Sleep Consultant based in Seattle. Rebecca loves working with families all over the globe and gently turning drama into dreamland.

See her helpful tips below:


Although researchers still do not know what directly causes Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), there are many ways that you can help to make your baby's sleep environment as safe as possible. Guidelines are issued to help parents and families make the best decisions for their children, and it's so important to be aware of them. This week we're looking at creating a safe sleep environment for your baby- do let me know if you have any questions at all.

From birth

Guidelines state that your baby should always be placed on their back for sleep, with the feet at the end of the crib. No loose bedding, blankets, or cuddly toys should be placed in the crib and take care to ensure that all caregivers are following the same plan. Make sure that the temperature of your baby's room isn't too hot- around 65- 74 degrees F. Check on your baby regularly to male sure she isn't overheating or too hot.

Choosing your crib

Make sure that your crib conforms to safety standards and is placed away from windows and heaters. Use a new, firm mattress and stay away from mattress toppers. Don't use crib bumpers, and if you swaddle, there is no need to use blankets too. 

Room sharing

Safe sleep guidelines recommend sleeping in the same room as your baby for at least the first six months.

The guidelines don't recommend bed-sharing but have your child sleep on a separate sleep surface. The Arms Reach Co-Sleeper is perfect as it attaches securely to your bed whilst offering your child their own sleep surface. You can help your child quickly and easily throughout the night, and everyone is getting a better night's sleep.

Out and about

If your baby sleeps in a stroller, the same rules apply. Check regularly and make sure she isn't too hot. Layer up blankets so that you can take some away if needed. Don't let your baby sleep for too long in the car seat, and always remove layers when you go back inside. Remove your child from their car seat when you remove the car seat from the car. Don't place the car seat on the floor with your child sleeping. The car seat is at quite a different angle; your child's head can slump forward, blocking the airways.

If you're sleeping away from home, make sure that your sleeping environment is safe. Playards are great to use for traveling, but only use the pad that is provided; don't be tempted to add cushions or blankets to make it more 'comfortable.'


 Stay tuned for more great tidbits from Rebecca on our blog and social media in the near future, and let us know if you have any questions!


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