The Best Bassinet Has These 3 Features That New Parents Love

The Best Bassinet Has These 3 Features That New Parents Love

The best bassinet keeps your new baby within arm’s reach and safe. Keeping a newborn close, especially while a parent sleeps, is often top of mind for new parents.  A great option is a bassinet which is convenient, doesn’t take up a lot of room, and has been tested by reliable third parties for safety.  In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics has outlined safe sleep guidelines. Included in their recommendation is that a baby should sleep in the same areas as a parent for at least six months. 


What Is A Bassinet?

It’s good to know what a bassinet is and how it’s different from a crib.  A bassinet is smaller than a crib and it’s specifically designed for newborns. Once a baby starts to sit up, or is of a certain size or weight, it’s time to move them to a crib.  Typically, bassinets are placed next to the parent’s bed making it easy to keep an eye on a baby during the night.  A bassinet makes middle of the night feedings a bit easier because you can reach over and pick up the baby without even having to get out of your own bed.

But what makes a great bassinet the best? Here we take a look at some of the popular options from Arm’s Reach.


This Bassinet Securely Attaches to Your Bed

The Arm’s Reach Clear-Vue™ CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet is designed for beds that start at 24” high when measuring from the floor to the mattress. This version can be used as a freestanding bassinet and has four breathable sides.  What’s different about this version, and makes it the best in the category, is that one side drops down and securely attaches to the bed.  This makes it simple to pick up a newborn at night for a feeding and go back to sleep.  There’s also a storage space underneath for wipes, diapers, and other essentials. Built in wheels make it easy to go from room to room.


It Fits in Small Spaces

For city dwellers or those that live in a small space, the Versatile™ CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet allows parents to adjust the height of the bassinet and it fits all sizes of beds. There’s also a built-in adjustable leg extension mechanism that lets parents raise the sleeping nest in one-inch increments easily.  Adjustable feet can extend all the way under the bed allowing the bassinet to sit on top of the mattress. The feet are also retractable allowing the bassinet to fit close to a platform bed or an adult bed that sits on the floor.


It Grows with Your Baby

There’s lots of baby gear that new parents only use for the first few months. After that it’s time to give it away or place it in storage.  The Mini Ezee™ 3 in 1 CO-SLEEPER® Bassinet has three modes that grow with a baby including Bedside Sleeper, Free-standing bassinet, and Play Yard.  The design has convenience in mind: it’s easy to assemble, features pockets for storage and is portable for travel. This do-it-all bassinet comes with a mattress, fitted sheet, and travel bag.

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