by Doctor William Sears

"I am pleased to recommend the Arm's Reach® Bedside CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets. As a Pediatrician, the Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet is one of the most useful attachment tools I have ever seen. The Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet allows parents and babies to have their own bed space, yet still be within touching distance of each other. Besides enhancing bonding between parents and their baby, the Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet provides night-time security that benefits a growing baby's emotional development. Sleeping within arm's reach makes night feedings easier. It is also contemporary. Sleeping close to their infant allows parents to make up for missed touch time during the day and to reconnect with their baby at night. Besides being extremely well-designed and sturdily constructed, Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinet converts to additional uses and that makes it an economical investment. I recommend the Arm's Reach® CO-SLEEPER® brand bassinets to parents in my pediatric practice as a way of enjoying night-time parenting."

Put Twins to Sleep Together

"Twins are used to being close to one another. They spend months in the womb touching and moving together. Neonatalogists have long observed that twins placed together in the same incubator or bassinet tend to breath better and grow faster. During the early months, they'll sleep better in the same bed, within touching distance. Sleeping together may help get them on the same sleep schedule, which will give mom and dad more time to sleep."

About Doctor Sears

Dr. Sears is the father of eight, author of 27 books on childcare, Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, and has practiced pediatrics for thirty years. Dr. Bill received his pediatric training at Harvard Medical School's Children's Hospital in Boston, and The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto – the largest children’s hospital in the world – where he served as associate ward chief of the newborn nursery and associate professor of pediatrics. Dr. Sears is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and a fellow of the Royal College of Pediatricians (RCP). Dr. Bill is a medical and parenting consultant to BabyTalk and Parenting magazines and the pediatrician on the website parenting.com and askdrsears.com