About Co-Sleeper bassinets


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants under 6 months sleep in the same room as parents, but not on the same surface.  Infants should be on a flat, firm surface with a fitted sheet – with no extra blankets or bedding.  Room sharing in this way decreases the risk of SIDS by 50%. The Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper Baby Bassinet was the first patented co-sleeping product on the market that attaches securely to a parent’s bed

Sleeping with baby close creates healthy sleep patterns for both mom and baby.

A Co-sleeper baby bassinet encourages healthy bonding every happy baby needs.  It allows for easy breastfeeding, is easier for moms with C-sections, is safest for preemies, and decreases trips down the hall to feed or comfort baby. A parent can reach out and soothe baby with just a touch before the baby wakes up all the way.

Dr. William Sears is one of the most influential pediatricians of the last 50 years.  He says,

 “I believe the safest place for most babies to sleep is in an Arm’s reach bedside Co-Sleeper bassinet.”

 Dr. Sears believes there is an optimal sleep distance from baby to parent.  If a mom is breastfeeding, having baby too close can encourage baby to be an “all night” feeder, but having baby too far can cause the infant to become afraid, looking for comfort.

“The Co-Sleeper seems to be the best distance for mom and baby to get the best night’s sleep.”

Believe it or not, a Co-Sleeper bassinet allows parents to get MORE sleep.

We coined the phrase ‘co-sleeper’ over two decades ago and it has been trademarked ever since.


Sleep Safer, Sleep Closer, Sleep Better™