"Best of the Best" says the Daily News and Best Reviews

"Best of the Best" says the Daily News and Best Reviews

A few months ago, our Clear-Vue™ Co-Sleeper® bassinet was named the "Best of the Best" in bedside sleeper bassinets, by BestReviews.com.  

Best Reviews buys all products themselves in order to remain unbiased, and they remain one of the most trusted consumer resources around.

Their bedside sleeper review appeared in the NY Daily news at the end of the year. The review was based on safety, price, convenience and comfort.  The review stated the Clear-Vue was:

"Well made, has excellent adjustability, and offers a sturdy and secure sleeping space for infants.  Easy to transport for travel or even to another room with its wheels.  Smart design that doesn't take up space within parent's beds, and a stylish design as well."

 This review also rightly notes that the very idea of "CO-SLEEPER" is trademarked by us at Arm's Reach. As the review states:

"One of the highest quality, trademarked co-sleepers on the market that can be easily converted to a stand-alone bassinet."

Since we created our Co-Sleeper over 20 years ago, we have not taken for granted that our name has become synonymous with this design. Yes, we took the time to trademark what we thought was a special design, but it's through word of mouth, friend to friend, family member to family member that our products are reviewed in the most important ways.  It does help that experts like Dr. William Sears and Dr. James McKenna endorse our products, but it takes time and a community to really accept a product.  Although many have tried to follow, there is only one true Co-Sleeper and we are  proud that products like our Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper bassinet have been a loving part of families for over two decades.


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