Arm's Reach makes Dr. Sears' perfect gift from grandparents list.

Arm's Reach makes Dr. Sears' perfect gift from grandparents list.

We love that Ask Dr. Sears thinks Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper bassinets are a perfect gift from a grandparent. Dr. Sears is not only one of the most respected pediatricians out there, but he's also a grandparent many times over!

We would love to see more lists like this out there. Our parents often buy gifts off our registries because they want to help out with the most needed items, but how nice to be something from the heart too!

Here's an excerpt from his post on Ask Dr. Sears. from his article:

Dr. Bill’s Top New-Parent Gift for Grandbabies


"One of the joys of grandparenting is giving that precious little newborn a baby gift that has these features:

  • Safe
  • Very much needed
  • Prized by the family so they’ll think of you every time baby and parents use it
  • Does good things for baby and makes life easier for parents

As a pediatrician for over fifty years, a parent of eight and grandparent of fifteen our perfect grandparent gift award goes to the Arm’s Reach Bedside Cosleeper Bassinet.

This infant bassinet is the only one with an over twenty-year safety record and co-developed and tested by a pediatrician.  It is the perfect bedside cosleeper because it puts baby and mother within arm’s reach for easier comforting and night feeding, yet baby and mother have their own separate sleeping surfaces.

Just imagine every night when your precious little grandbaby is lovingly laid down to sleep in the Arm’s Reach Cosleeper the appreciative parents think, “Thank you mom and dad for giving us the perfect gift for your grandbaby.”


Have you all received a very special gift from a grandparent for your baby? We'd love to hear something that felt really special to your family!

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