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'Safe Infant Sleep' by Dr. James McKenna

Here at Arm's Reach, we are lucky to have had the opportunity to consult with the most important experts in the world concerning infant development.  We are so proud to be mentioned in Dr. James McKenna's new book, Safe Infant Sleep. For those of you who are not familiar with Dr. McKenna, he is recognized as the world’s leading authority on mother-infant cosleeping in relationship to breastfeeding and SIDS. In addition to his many fellowships and awards, he ran the Mother Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab at University of Notre Dame. He teaches, lectures and  has published over 139 refereed scientific articles in diverse medical and anthropological journals on co-sleeping, breastfeeding, evolutionary medicine and SIDS, both here and abroad. Dr. McKenna has just written a...

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Arm's Reach makes Dr. Sears' perfect gift from grandparents list.

We love that Ask Dr. Sears thinks Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper bassinets are a perfect gift from a grandparent. Dr. Sears is not only one of the most respected pediatricians out there, but he's also a grandparent many times over! We would love to see more lists like this out there. Our parents often buy gifts off our registries because they want to help out with the most needed items, but how nice to be something from the heart too! Here's an excerpt from his post on Ask Dr. Sears. from his article: Dr. Bill’s Top New-Parent Gift for Grandbabies _____________________________________________ "One of the joys of grandparenting is giving that precious little newborn a baby gift that has these features: Safe Very...

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